Recital FAQ

Where and when is the recital?
The recital is Saturday April 29th at 6:00 p.m. at Snowflake High School.

How much are tickets for the recital?
It’s FREE! Yay!! We have plenty of seating at the high school so invite your friends and family to come support your dancer. Spread the word!

When does my dancer need to be there?
Dancers must be at dress rehearsal April 29th from 10:00-11:30 and back again for the performance at 5:30.

Where is dress rehearsal?
Dress rehearsal is at the Snowflake High School. Dancers need to be checked in by 10:00 AM on the north side of the auditorium at the door leading into the band and orchestra room. Look for signs. This is the same place for the recital.

Do I need to stay for dress rehearsal?
No. You don’t need to stay. We have awesome girls helping backstage that will take good care of your dancer.

Do they need to wear their costume to dress rehearsal?
YES. They need to be in full costume with their hair done and makeup on.

How long is the recital?
The recital will be approximately 1 hour long.

Is it family friendly?
Of course! The dancing, costumes and music are completely family friendly. We put on an uplifting, fun show for everyone.

Am I allowed to video the performance?
Yes, absolutely! We just ask that you please be considerate of those around you and you not block anyone’s view.

Can I take pictures?
Flash photography is prohibited.

I ordered pictures. When will they be ready for pickup?
Pictures will be available for pick up in the lobby during the dress rehearsal.

The costume is the same front and back. Which way does it go?
If your costume is the same front and back, wear the fatter strap on the LEFT shoulder.

What do I do with the colored (pink or white) leotard that came with our costume?
If your dancer is performing again with us at Thursday Night in the Park on June 1st, you hold on to it until after that performance. If not, please wash the leotard and return it to the studio the week following recital.

A few things you probably didn’t think about...
  • Dancers are not allowed to have nail polish for the show. Believe it or not, it’s distracting.
  • Absolutely NO gum. No gum backstage, no gum during rehearsal, and definitely no gum during the performance.
  • Please make sure their underwear is not visible. It’s not really cute to have 3 inches of purple underwear showing under their tutu. For dancers that need a bra, straps need to be hidden.
  • The only jewelry permitted (with the exception of teen jazz) is a pair of rhinestone stud earrings. No necklaces, bracelets, rings, or other types of earrings.
  • If your hair is supposed to be in a bun, the rest of the hair must be slicked back. No wispies, no loose or messy buns. Note: for some of the classes, the bun is supposed to be just like this but behind the left ear.