Dance   Scholarships​

Here at Dance Amour we care greatly about each one of our dancers and their families. It is our greatest passion to help develop these children and youth into dedicated and hard working citizens. 

We understand that not every family can afford to invest in dance instruction to the degree that it might be needed for a dancer to meet his or her full potential. That is why we have created the Dance Amour scholarship program. 

This program is designed to award both students and families with the opportunity to receive financial assistance to help cover the cost of dance instruction while building strong values of work and discipline in each student.  

Types of Scholarships

The following scholarships will be available for the 2018-2019 dance year. 

Work Scholarship (Full/Part Tuition)
Students who apply for a work scholarship are applying to trade their time and effort in exchange for dance instruction. This could include services such as babysitting or cleaning on behalf of the Brinton family or cleaning the studio. Through this form of work, the student will earn their dance classes with no money out-of-pocket or reduced tuition while fulfilling their work description.

Requirements: An equal number of hours dancing will need to be 'traded' for the same number of hours spent on services such as babysitting or cleaning. (4hrs. of dance instruction per month = 4hrs of traded services per month)

Dance with your Heart Scholarship (Full/Part Tuition)
This scholarship is awarded to dancers that show extreme dedication to the art of dance that also has needs financially. Available for both partial and full tuition, this scholarship opens the doors of opportunity to many students who cannot afford dance classes. 


Business Scholarships (Set Dollar Amounts)
These are set donation amounts that are donated by business in the White Mountains that will be awarded to students who are showing exceptional commitment and discipline in the art of dance. 


Application Process

To apply for the following Scholarships, please follow the link below.