• There is a $10 registration fee per dancer due with first month’s tuition that goes towards renting the recital facility.
  • Tuition is due on the 1st of each month.
  • A $5 late fee will be charged after the 7th of the month.
  • Payment can be made with cash or check (please include your dancer’s name with each payment). Tuition and fees are non-refundable.
  • There will be a $20 return fee for any returned check.
  • All classes are subject to change. Each class must have at least 4 dancers to continue.
  • Make-up classes are only available to students who pre-schedule their absences.
  • If a student is sick, parent’s must call or text the studio, 928-250-9546, before the class begins in order to get a make-up class.
  • Make-up classes will not be offered to those who simply forget about class or forget to call. There are no refunds for missed classes.
  • If for any reason your dancer needs to take a “break” from classes but intends to return, tuition must still be paid each month or the spot will open up for someone else to register.
  • Students with more than 3 absences in the spring semester will not be allowed to perform in the recital.
  • Account must be paid in full in order to participate in the recital.
  • Talking poorly about anyone (teachers, students or parents) in the studio is prohibited. Repeated offenses will result in dismissal from the studio.
  • Withdrawal and Refunds: Advance notice is required to discontinue classes. Withdrawal must be done in writing. Don’t just stop coming and assume we will drop your child. Notice must be given 1 week prior to the end of the month to not be charged for the following month’s tuition.
  • Tuition and fees are non-refundable.

Studio Rules
  • Dancers are expected to treat the teacher, parents, other students and the studio with respect.
  • No gum or food is allowed in the classroom. Dancers are encouraged to bring a water bottle to class.
  • No cell phones are allowed in class.
  • Dancers must follow the dress code in order to participate in class.
  • Dancers are expected to be on time to class and picked up on time.

Dress Code
At Dance Amour, our dress code is in place to ensure dancers are wearing proper attire for learning and to establish unity within classes. We encourage modesty in dress and action so the focus of our classes and performances can be on the dancers and their talents, not on showing off the body. Our promise to you is that the costumes we use in the recital will always be modest having sleeves and midriffs covered. However, the leotards that dancers choose to wear to class are not required to have sleeves.

All students are required to wear proper dance attire.

All shoes and dancewear can be ordered through the studio at a reduced rate. If you need to order shoes, please call and schedule a shoe fitting to ensure we order the correct size.

Combo Classes: Hair must be secured up and away from the face. Dancers may wear a leotard or dance dress, tights, leggings, skirts, etc. They need the appropriate shoes PINK ballet shoes and BLACK tap if taking a ballet/tap/jazz/tumbling class.

HAIR: For all classes, hair must be secured up and away from face and neck. Ballet students are required to wear hair in a bun for ballet classes.

JAZZ: Black or solid color leotard, black leggings or shorts, black jazz shoes.

HIP HOP: Comfortable clothes, stomach covered, clean gym shoes

Clogging: Comfortable clothes, stomach covered, clogs or tap shoes

BOYS IN BALLET AND JAZZ:  White fitted t-shirt and black dance pants or jogger shorts.

BALLET: (Pink-footed or convertible tights, pink ballet shoes, class leotard, hair in a bun, NO SKIRTS)

Class Leotard Colors:

Ballet 1: Light Pink
Ballet 2: Lavender
Ballet 3: Royal Blue (Dancers wear a black leotard for the combined 3/4 technique class)
Ballet 4: Burgundy (Dancers wear a black leotard for the combined 3/4 technique class)
Teen Ballet: Turquoise/Peacock  (Dancers wear a black leotard for the combined 3/4 technique class)

**We will be using a black short sleeved leotard as the base for several of our costumes at our recital in April. Please keep that in consideration when buying dance clothes for your dancer.**

Dance Amour Photography Release, Policy Agreement, Liability Waiver and Acknowledgement of Risk:

Registration is incomplete without signature and must be completed before class

I understand and agree that in participating in any dance class, workshop, rehearsal or performance, there is a possibility of physical injury. I voluntarily agree, therefore, to assume all risks and responsibility for any such injury or accident, which might occur to me or my child during any of Dance Amour’s classes, rehearsals, performances or activities. I also exempt, release and indemnify Dance Amour, its owners, agents, volunteers, assistants, employees, guest artists, faculty members and/or students from any and all liability claims, demands or causes of action whatsoever from any damage, loss, injury, or death to me, my children, or property which may arise out of or in connection with participation in any classes or activities conducted by Dance Amour. I understand that I should be aware of my physical limitations and agree not to exceed them. If I am signing this waiver for my children, I certify that I am the parent or legal guardian and have the right to waive these rights.

I also grant permission to Dance Amour to use photographs and video of students for publicity purposes.

I have read and understand the above Policies and Rules and agree to abide by them.

______________________________        _____________________________________________          
Student name (print)                                               Parent/Adult Student Signature                                         


Contact information:
Elizabeth Brinton, Owner ● 480-329-2856 ● [email protected]